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STRIKE BACK against leaves, and HIGH dealer fees.

Gutter guard by Diamond Back Gutter Covers micro mesh gutter guards were invented by Dan Feldhaus, who has over 45 years in the eavestrough protection business.

The mission?  To offer the best quality gutter guard products at the best price in the industry. The gutter guards by Diamond Back Gutter Covers represents tested knowledge of how gutter covers should be: effective, affordable.  The micro-mesh gutter guards are guaranteed to eliminate the need to climb up the ladder again to clean out the eavestroughs! Nothing but water will ever enter your eavestroughs again! These gutter guards by Diamond Back Gutter Covers are the best quality product at the best price along with the best service.

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45+ Years in the Business

Welcome to Diamond Back Gutter Covers, sold exclusively to contractors. What are the advantages?

  1. One man can install 100's of feet of Diamond Back’s patented “Z” bend in one day.

  2. The product line does not interfere with the roof resulting in less service calls for the installer and not voiding roofer warrantees.

  3. Diamond Back Gutter Covers have less service calls. PERIOD. The unique design covers the ENTIRE gutter allowing more water to enter the gutter faster white keeping unwanted debris out.

  4. Offering quality products that are affordable increases revenue because more homeowners / businesses want and can afford the products.

Dan Feldhaus, an owner gutter guard installer since 1976, developed Diamond Back Gutter Covers knowing the TRUE cost of a low quality product. Low quality gutter guards just don't work, and they often cost thousands in water damage. After decades of experience, Dan knows a thing or two about gutter guard protection concepts. The benefit of Diamaond Back Gutter Covers for the installer? Little to no return maintenance calls. The benefit of Diamond Back Gutter Covers for the homeowner? Having a gutter guard product with little to no maintenance. BOTH benefit.

If this is the first time you have heard of Diamond Back Gutter Covers, please request a FREE Contractor's Sample Kit. If you already have received a contractor’s sample kit and need more reasons to choose Diamond Back Gutter Covers, let's connect.

STRIKE BACK against leaves, low quality covers, and those RIDICULOUS dealer fees.

Several Different Products, ONE solution: DIAMOND BACK – Where quality builds YOUR business.


The Advantages

The #1 eavestrough protection system and gutter guard available for homes or businesses

Gone are the time consuming and potentially dangerous job of gutter cleaning. No return calls are a blessing that Diamond Back Gutter Covers offer when compared to competing products. The consumer wins because there is no dealer network with those ridiculously high dealer fees. Contractors can purchase Diamond Back Gutter Covers from us directly! 

There are a variety of gutter guard options. The most popular is the Black on Black, perfect for most applications and still better than the competition. Strong, durable, and able extremely porous to allow for torrential rainfalls and yet most small particles can't pass through the unique screening.

With the micro-mesh gutter guards, the gutters won't clog even with the most stubborn debris such as pine and spruce needles! The only thing that will enter the eavestroughs is water!

We sell, ship, install and service our quality products. Best of all, the gutter guards are backed by the best warranty in the business. We confidently stand behind our eavestrough protection systems with one of the best warranties available in gutter protection today!

PICTURE 1 - Black on Black: The most popular profile.  Strong and capable of allowing volumes of water into the eavestroughs while restricting very small particles from entering the eavestroughs.

PICTURE 2 - Stainless Steel Pine Needle: Perfect protection against the tiniest type of debris like pine needles. Also strong and capable of allowing volumes of water into the eavestroughs.